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Ultimate 37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: 37-Module-SET
Availability: In Stock
FastFind: 238385



(1) Colorful Auto-Flash LED Module
(2) Common-Cathode RED&GREEN 5mm LED Module
(3) Infrared-Transmit Module
(4) Linear-Hall Sensor Module
(5) Photo Resistor Sensor Module
(6) RGB SMD LED Module
(7) Ball Switch Sensor Module
(8) Active Buzzer Module
(9) Push Button Module
(10) Infrared-Receive Sensor Module
(11) Microphone Sensor Module
(12) Reed Magnet Sensor Module
(13) Tap Sensor Module
(14) Finger-Pulse Sensor Module
(15) Analogy-Hall Sensor Module
(16) Digital-Temperature Sensor Module
(17) Joystick Module
(18) Miniture Microphone Sensor Module
(19) Relay Module
(20) Humidity and Temperature DHT11 Sensor Module
(21) Pack of 25, 5mm LEDs
(22) Analog-Temperature Sensor Module
(23) Flame Sensor Module
(24) Laser-Transmit Module
(25) Common-Cathode RED&GREEN 3mm LED Module
(26) RGB 5mm LED Module
(27) DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module
(28) Passive Buzzer Module
(29) Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module
(30) Hall Sensor Module
(31) Light Break Sensor Module
(32) Mini Reed Magnet Sensor Module
(33) Rotate-Encode Module
(34) Pack of 25, 3mm LEDs
(35) Touch Sensor Module
(36) Object Tracking Sensor Module
(37) Shock-Switch Sensor Module

Important Note Before you decide to Buy: This Kit is provided with NO instructions or data sheets. We are unable to provide any technical support, it is therefore essential that you have the resources available to make use of the modules and how they operate within their electrical specifications. We check and test each module, we are therefore unable to accept any returns based on a faulty module.

To Comply with UK Legal Requirements and ROHS regulations, our kit does NOT contain any mercury in our modules.

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