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Smart Car Obstacle Avoidance Infrared Module Reflective Photoelectric

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The module has a infrared transmitter and receiver, transmitter sends a certain frequency infrared, when an obstacle is detected, the infrared receiver is reflected back by the receiver tube, after processing through the comparator circuit, the green indicator light will illuminate while the signal output interface outputs a digital signal (a low-level signal). There is potentiometer to adjust detection distance, the effective distance range is between 2cm  to 30cm with a detection angle of 35°. Working voltage is 3.3V-5V.
Easy to use features, can be widely used in robot obstacle avoidance, obstacle avoidance car assembly line count and black-and-white line tracking and many more applications.


1. When obstacle  detected the output goes digtal Low and onboard Green LED is illuminated.
2) Detection distance 2cm to 30cm,
3) Detection angle 35°
4) The detection distance can adjusted via the onboard potentiometer, turning clockwise will incease detection distance and counterclockwise  will decrease the detection distance.
5) The sensor works with infrared reflection detection, the target obstacle reflectivity and shape of the detection distance are important factors.
6) The sensor module output port OUT can be directly connected with the microcontroller IO port. Can also signal a 5V relay Module (Relay module must have a built in transistor Drive Circuit).
7) Uses the comparator LM393 for stability.
8) Can be Powered from 3V to 5V DC power supply. Red LED indicates power on.
9) 3mm screw holes for easy mounting.
10) Circuit board size: 3.2CM * 1.4CM
11) Each module is delivered with the threshold comparator voltage adjustable via potentiometer for special circumstances, please do not adjust the potentiometer.

VCC - External 3.3V-5V voltage
GND - External GND;
OUT - Digital output Low=0 and High=1

Important Note Before you decide to Buy: This item is provided with NO instructions or data sheets. We are unable to provide any technical support, it is therefore essential that you have the resources available to make use of this item and how it operates within the electrical specifications. We check and test each module, we are therefore unable to accept any returns based on a faulty module.

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