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Siemens TC35 GSM Module - SMS Text Message Voice Call Data

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: GSM/TC35
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Siemens TC35 GSM Module

The Siemens TC35 GSM module is a simple self-contained module that you can attach to a microcontroller or PC over RS232 serial for an easy way to send or receive text messages, mobile data or voice calls!

Simply attach a 5V DC power supply (centre pin positive) to the power supply connector, and a standard RS232 serial cable to the serial port. You can then send AT commands using any serial software - allowing you to make calls, send messages or use mobile data.

The module runs using a 3.3V regulator that is on board and a large number of header pins are provided - with useful signals allowing you to easily interface with the module.

A 3.3V TTL serial connection is provided on the port labelled JB3. This allows you to easily use the module with a microcontroller as part of an embedded system.

For more information on the module, including details of the various headers provided on the board, please see the following documents:

Each Module is fully tested before despatch to ensure your module arrives in full working order.

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