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DS1307 Tiny RTC - Real time clock breakout board

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: TINY-RTC
Availability: In Stock
FastFind: 238477



The Tiny RTC real time clock breakout board provides a Maxim DS1307 Real Time Clock - including a battery holder and a battery - and an Atmel 24C32 EEPROM.

It can optionally also have a Maxim DS18B20 9 to 12 bit Temperature Sensor fitted.

We can provide the product with or without SIL headers (right angle or straight) for the P1 connector, and also with or without the Maxim DS18B20. We can also fit and solder these components for you.


Pins that are on connectors P1 and P2 with the same name are linked.

Connector Pin Function
P1 SQ DS1307 output (user selectable frequency)
P1 DS 1-WIRE bus data line
P1 SCL I2C clock
P1 SDA I2C data
P1 VCC +5V power
P1 GND Ground
P1 BAT Positive battery terminal
P2 DS 1-WIRE bus data line
P2 SCL I2C clock
P2 SDA I2C data
P2 VCC +5V power
P2 GND Ground
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