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HC-05 Bluetooth Serial Port Module

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: HC-05
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The HC-05 Bluetooth module is a flexible module that is used as a Bluetooth Serial Port. This module can be used in master mode - where other devices connect to it, or in slave mode - where it connects to other devices.

It is controlled through the use of AT commands (similar to those used to control modems). Once you have set it up you then simply change the mode of the device (using the KEY pin) and then you can transmit and receive serial data over Bluetooth!

The following pins are available on our module:

  • VCC: 5V should be connected here to power the module. This is converted via an onboard regulator to 3.3V.
  • GND: 0V or Ground should be connected here.
  • TXD: Transmit Data - connect the TX/TXD pin of your microcontroller to this pin.
  • RXD: Receive Data - connect the RX/RXD pin of your microcontroller to this pin.
  • KEY: this pin is used to change the mode of the bluetooth module. It is wired to PIN34 of the Bluetooth controller.
  • LED: this pin shows the working mode of the module. It is wired to PIN24 of the Bluetooth controller.

The module datasheet and AT command reference are available for download:

Download HC-05 Bluetooth Module Datasheet
Download HC-05 Bluetooth Module AT Command Reference

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