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LM2596 Step Down Voltage Regulator Module With LED Display - up to 35v input and adjustable output

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: LM2596-BOARD/DISPLAY
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FastFind: 232967


The LM2596-based step down voltage regulator board is a low-ripple adjustable output voltage power supply capable of providing up to 2A of continuous current (3A with a heat-sink). This DC to DC Step Down Regulator has a high conversion efficiency of up to 92%, the higher the Output voltage the higher the efficiency.

This item is fitted with an LED display and potentiometer for precise voltage adjustments - and also it is fitted with terminals for easy integration into existing circuits.

The button is used to control the display of various voltages:

  • Press the button once to Display the Input Voltage
  • Press again to Display the Output Voltage
  • Press again to turn off the display

Input Voltage: 4v-to 35v
Output Voltage Adjustable to 1.23-30v
The input voltage should me a minimum of 1.5v higher then the output voltage
Output Current 2A (max 3A with Heat Sink)
Short Circuit Protection\
Low Output ripple Voltage
This DC Regulator is ideal for adjusting the output voltage to suit your project requirements,  just turn the adjustable potentiometer to get the exact voltage.

For more information on this voltage regulator, see the manufacturer's datasheet.


Input Voltage 4.5V to 40V
Output Voltage 1.2V to 37V
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