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1-Channel SSR Solid State Relay 3-32V DC High-low Trigger 5A 5v 12v

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: SSR-1CH
Availability: In Stock
FastFind: 238561


  • Using PCB FR-4 double-sided circuit boards;
  • Using high-quality solid-state relays 5A;
  • The input and output are using KF128-3.81 Terminal Block, wiring more convenient;
  • Use SS8050 1.5A high current transistor for switching transistor
  • The board has four mounting holes.
  • Size:(L*W*H)6.89*7.10*2.28cm approx.

       Performance parameters:

  • Power supply: 3-32VDC (wide voltage power supply)
  • Trigger: high level trigger, 3-32VDC relay switches on (ON), 0-0.5V relay is switched off (OFF) 0.5-2.5 volts unknown state
  • Load current: 5-220VDC 5A (DC only)

       Wiring Port Description:

  • DC +: positive power supply (3-32VDC)
  • DC-: negative
  • CH1: trigger terminal (3-32VDC high level trigger active)

 PCB colour may be different

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