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Photoresistor Light Detection Sensor Module (Stak: 10, Supplier: 0)
Features: 1. The module has a photosensitive resistance sensor 2. TTL output capable of 15 ma. 3. On-board adjustable potentiometer for adjusting trigger level of light 4. Working voltage of 3.3 V…
Maxim DS18B20 1-WIRE Digital Thermometer - Waterproof casing (Stak: 400, Supplier: 0)
This DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor comes preassembled in a sealed metal casing that protects it from water - so you can immerse the DS18B20 in liquids to measure their temperature!   …
5V Stepper Motor with Motor driver PCB (Stak: 0, Supplier: 0)
This high quality 5V DC Stepper Motor comes with an included motor driver board to allow you to easily control the motor from any microcontroller. The stepper motor is a standard 4 phase design and…
5mm LEDs - Super Bright - Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, White, Diffused White, Warm White - Various Pack Sizes Available (Stak: 1000, Supplier: 0)
Description These are 5mm Super Bright LEDs. Please note that all of our current stock have clear, colourless plastic bodies except the diffused White LED LED Colour Siz…
From: £0.99 undefined
HC-SR04 Ultrasound Proximity Sensor (Stak: 20, Supplier: 0)
This high-quality ultrasound sensor is ideal for use for distance measuring and proximity sensing. A simple 4 pin connector makes this product very easy to add to your project. Power Supply:&…
65x Jumper Leads - ideal for breadboard use (Stak: 100, Supplier: 0)
Approximately 65 solderless breadboard jumper leads of various lengths - ideal for use in prototyping projects on breadboards! These leads are flexible, durable and easy to connect and disconnect …
DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor (Stak: 0, Supplier: 0)
The DHT11 is a basic, low-cost digital thermometer and humidity sensor that is ideal for use with PICs, Arduinos and other microcontrollers. 3V to 5.5V Power and I/O 2.5mA maximum current draw…
433MHz Radio Transmitter and Receiver Modules (Stak: 0, Supplier: 0)
These 315MHz Radio Transmitter and Receiver modules are great for sending basic serial signals over the air. Whenever the DATA input on the transmitter module changes, it transmits the signal to th…
Digital Voltmeter - 0 to 99V DC - Panel Mount - Red (Stak: 0, Supplier: 0)
These high quality LED voltmeters are ideal for DC voltage measurement up to 99.9 volt. Remember: this is a 3 wire module. This means that there are separate connections for supply voltage and measur…
Silicon Labs CP2102 USB to TTL Serial Adapter (Stak: 20, Supplier: 0)
The USB to TTL serial adapter is based on the popular Silicon Labs CP2102 chipset and is an excellent way to connect TTL serial devices to a PC through a USB port. This USB to TTL serial adapter is…
BMP180 Barometric Pressure & Temperature Sensor (Stak: 10, Supplier: 0)
The BMP180 low-power, high-precision barometric pressure sensors are an improved version of the popular BMP085. It is more accurate and uses less power! It is 100% compatible with existing systems th…
5V Red Laser Diode (Stak: 0, Supplier: 0)
Output Power: 5mW  Wavelength: 650nm Working Voltage: 5V Laser Shape: Dot Working temperature: -10 ℃~+40 ℃ Housing material: Copper Dimensions: 6 * 18 mm(diameter*length) Outer diameter: 6mm
170 tie points (Stak: 20, Supplier: 0)
This high quality 170 tie-point Tiny Solderless Breadboard consists of 170 terminal strip tie-points connected vertically, and are ideal for the quick test project. This solderless, re-usable breadbo…
Temperatue LCD Aquarium Fish Tank Reptile Fridge Room Temperature Thermometer (Stak: 10, Supplier: 0)
FEATURES:- Wide Range of uses for this Digital Temperature LCD Module Storage Temperature range: -50°C ~ + 70°C  Working temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C …
GSM SIM800L V2.0 5V Wireless Quad Band GSM GPRS Module PCB Antenna (Stak: 5, Supplier: 0)
Description Model: SIM800L Work voltage: 5V Network support: Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz - works on GSM networks in all countries across the world. TTL serial interface compatible with 3.3V …
Digital Volt Meter Multimeter With LCD Display XL-830L (Stak: 10, Supplier: 0)
Description The Digital Multimeter is the perfect tool for an electrician It is easy to operate and all readings are displayed clearly on the LCD display. 15mm high LCD Display. Max display: 1999…


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